Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why Real Estate is Great in the Metroplex

10 Reasons that Metroplex Real Estate Out Preforms

  1. DFW gains some 365 net new residents every day
  2. Low cost of living
  3. About a quarter of all Texans live in the DFW Metropolitan area.
  4. You can fly anywhere in mainland United States in three hours
  5. DFW is the fourth busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements.  In terms of passenger traffic, it is the eighth busiest airport in the world transporting 56,906,610 passengers in 2010
  6. The Metroplex contains the largest information technology industry base in the state (often referred to as Silicon Prairie), owing to the large number of corporate IT projects and the presence of numerous electronics, computing and telecom firms.
  7. DFW Metroplex has over 10,000 corporate headquarters.  The largest corporate headquarter concentration in the United States.
  8. Dallas has more restaurants per capita then New York City.
  9. The Metroplex has more shopping centers per capita than any other United States city or metro.
  10. 365 day Economy (typically very few days lost to winter weather).

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